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Discover Hardie Board Siding for Omaha Homes: Top Benefits Revealed

hardie board siding benefits, james hardie siding installation, Omaha

Owning a home in Omaha means being prepared for all kinds of weather. From sizzling summers to frigid winters, your house must withstand the elements year-round. Lucky for you, there’s a hero in the siding world that’s up to the task — Hardie Board siding. In this post, we’ll uncover what Hardie Board siding is and explore the compelling reasons to consider it for your Omaha abode.

What Exactly is Hardie Board Siding?

Before understanding why it’s such a great fit for your home, it’s helpful to understand precisely what we’re talking about when we bring up this type of siding. Hardie Board siding, or fiber cement siding, blends cellulose fibers, cement, and sand. This concoction is turned into long-lasting, durable siding boards perfect for protecting your home’s exterior. Invented by James Hardie, this siding has gained massive popularity in Omaha and across the country for its resilience and versatility.

hardie board siding benefits, james hardie siding installation

Standing up to Omaha’s Weather

Hardie Board’s sturdiness is one of its most striking features. It’s engineered to resist the most common threats to house siding, including:

  • Moisture and Rot: Omaha can get quite humid, and wood sidings are notorious for absorbing moisture, which can lead to rot. Hardie Board siding is impervious to water, ensuring that rot is a non-issue.
  •  Fire Resistance: In the unfortunate case of a fire, you want your siding to protect—not fuel—the flames. Fiber cement siding is non-combustible and won’t contribute to a fire.
  •  Pest Resistant: Homeowners often battle with critters like termites or woodpeckers that damage their siding. But these pests don’t find Hardie Board appealing, giving you one less thing to worry about.
  •  Weather-Resilient: Whether it’s heavy storms or hail, this siding stands strong where others might crack or chip. And for Omaha’s particular climate, Hardie Board siding comes in a “HZ5” variety, specifically engineered to resist freezing temperatures and ice build-up. What more could you ask for?

Curb Appeal and Customization

Now, durability is all well and good, but what about looks? Your home isn’t just a shelter; it’s an extension of your personality and style. Hardie Board siding doesn’t disappoint on this front. Its aesthetic versatility is unmatched. Whether you’re partial to the look of wood siding without maintenance or prefer a more modern look, Hardie Board has options for you. You can personalize to your heart’s content with a wide range of colors and textures.

Plus, the color isn’t just on the surface. The ColorPlus® Technology used in James Hardie products bakes the color onto the siding—a process that gives a more vibrant, long-lasting finish that’s resistant to fading. That means your Omaha home will look freshly painted for years with minimal effort.

Sustainability—a Win for Your Home and the Planet

More homeowners are considering the environmental impact of their building materials, and if you’re among the eco-conscious, Hardie Board siding is an attractive choice. It is sustainable, with no toxins or pollutants released into the environment during production or disposal. Also, since it lasts longer than traditional wood siding, it must be replaced less frequently, reducing waste.

hardie board siding benefits

Boosting Home Value

Think of Hardie Board siding as an investment. Homes with fiber cement siding have a higher resale value, not just because they look great but because potential buyers know they’re purchasing a home with siding built to last and easy to maintain. That’s an attractive selling point in any market!

Omaha-Ready Installation

Given its unique composition, Hardie Board siding installation is best left to the professionals. Our team will know to ensure it’s done right, guaranteeing maximum performance. We will also ensure each board is properly fitted and sealed to protect against moisture infiltration and seal energy leaks, keeping your heating and air conditioning where they belong: inside.

Making the Right Decision

When you choose Hardie Board siding for your Omaha home, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re deciding for peace of mind. Remember, your house is more than four walls and a roof; it’s a place where memories are made and life unfolds. It deserves the best protection available—and that’s where Hardie Board siding shines. 


Uncover the advantages of Hardie Board Siding for Omaha homes. This durable, low-maintenance material offers lasting beauty and can withstand Omaha’s varied climate conditions, enhancing your home’s value and curb appeal.